Swingbellys featured on ABC's "The Chew" Monday May 22

Beachside BBQ hits the big stage. Our infamous Pulled Pork sandwich was the feature on the "What I ate this weekend" segment of The Chew.

Winner Best Wings NY Festival 2015

Dan Monteforte Pitmaster and Co-Owner of Swingbellys gets ready to gobble a Swingz - a quarter pound chicken wing! Click the image on the left to read more!

Mac & Pete

See what Newsday said about our delicious dish! Mac and Pete laced with brisket topped with crisp fried onions - at Swingbellys Beachside BBQ! Click the image on the left to read more!

Swingbellys Beachside BBQ

Having seen the wrath of superstorm Sandy, two renovations and five different pitmasters, Swingbellys Beachside BBQ comes out swinging harder than ever. Click the image to the left to read Newsday's review.

Swingbellys Revamps Look & Menu

Swingbellys Beachside BBQ is back in the Long Beach swing. A recent change in ownership means that former chef-pitmaster Dan Monteforte is back in the kitchen after a long absence. Monteforte is now a co-owner, along with three partners. The place has also undergone a face-lift, both outside and in.

Swingbellys metioned in Thrillest

Summer unleashes a fervent need to escape the sweltering city for coastal breezes and open air. But who wants to trade crowded streets and overpriced drinks for jam-packed beaches and restaurants catering to the ultra-rich? Trust us, there are much better options out east than fighting for elbow room on a crowded Jitney. For a real change of pace, skip the Hamptons and head to one of these underrated Long Island towns. More Stuff You Will Like The Best Restaurants on Long Island Why Long Island Wine Country Is Just as Legit as Napa Defending Long Island Share on Facebook Pin it sangaku/Shutterstock Long Beach Why it's so great: Only 45 minutes from Manhattan, this skinny barrier sandbar houses one of the Island's oldest beachside communities, despite being only half-a-mile wide at its thickest. That means you're never more than a few steps from the water, surrounded by both bay and oceanside views. The iconic boardwalk has been an institution here for more than 100 years -- not even Superstorm Sandy could permanently shut it down. What to do: Stretch out on the sand or walk the boardwalk to soak up the seaside vibe. For dinner, don't flee back to city with the other daytrippers. Swingbellys on Beech St churns out real-deal slow-smoked barbecue, including the best ribs this side of St. Louis. For dessert (or breakfast... no judgement), check out Dough Hut for handmade donuts in flavors to rival far-trendier (read: more expensive) bakeries, like maple bacon and s'mores. Or visit the Diner by the Sea for crazy, multicolored milkshake concoctions you don't have to wait hours in line for.

Feature in Newsday May 2016: The best summer food on Long Island: Iconic eats you need to try

Juicy fried chicken with perfectly crisp skin, salt-and-pepper seasoned, served with a side of hot sauce vinegar to rev up the acid factor. Tuesday is fried chicken night at Swingbellys in Long Beach, which makes it as good a time as any to eat at the beach. For $16, you’ll get a four-piece chicken dinner, mac-and-cheese, smokehouse beans or collards and a BLT salad. Just as good cold; pick up an extra for tomorrow’s lunch. More info: 909 W. Beech St., Long Beach; 516-431-3464, By Peter M. Gianotti, Erica Marcus and Melissa McCart


Swingbellys Beachside BBQ, Long Beach: Having seen the wrath of superstorm Sandy, two renovations and five different pitmasters, Swingbellys Beachside BBQ comes out swinging harder than ever. Credit pitmaster and co-owner Dan Monteforte, who was on the scene when the place opened eight years ago and returns after a two-year absence.